It seemed like a good idea at the time

Just a short note to say online something that most people that know me offline know - I’ve now left Makeshift, the startup studio I founded with Stef and Paul nearly two years ago. Stef and Paul are continuing to run the business, focusing on Wrangler, Hire my Friend and Attending but for many interconnected reasons I’ve decided to look for my next challenge.

There’s lots to say about the experience I had at Makeshift. Hopefully I will find the time to write down some of the big things I learnt in the next few months. I think it could be valuable for the wider startup and digital product design community. I get a lot of people telling me they want to ‘do something like Makeshift.’ I’m sure I could help them not make the same errors I did.

Behind the ‘learning’ was a remarkable personal adventure for me. Makeshift was a one off. I believe we were trying to do something very different and very hard. As a result I fucked up a few times for sure. I also go to build some really cool, really useful digital products like Wrangler, Hire my Friend and Linkydink. And I got to spend time with a very talented mix of people.

Anyway. Lots to say. Much of it useful hopefully. But not right now. It was a pretty wild ride for me. I’d just like to say a great big thank you to all the people who were a part of the company and helped build and ship stuff over the past couple of years. Nathan, Jon, ntlk, Tanja, CBM, Ollie, Dan, Jase, Matt, Guy, Dave, Steve, Colin, Simon, Despo, Chris, Amanda, Tony (I’m sure I’ve missed people). Plus extra thanks to the wider communities that supported us - not least our many customers and users. And a total mega thanks to the person who made it all possible by funding us - Paul. You are truly a one off Paul.

I’m not going to waffle any longer. I’ll try and chop up what I’ve learnt into some stand alone articles soon. Hopefully. Until then, please feel free to go and smash any pyramids you see lying around.

P.S - I was feeling like doing some reminiscing so I dug up the first blog post I wrote at Makeshift in the first week: ‘Week 1 - In which we launch our company’